Dont have anything to ride?

Our Park:


We have Inexpensive snacks, drinks for sale so riders don't need to leave the park. Our park offers rental Helmets and Pads. We are also just minute away from the ECX Scooter Shop! Helmets and pads are available for purchase at ECX. Check out there shop (click picture).

Our skatepark located in Newport Delaware offers regular sessions all year long, FREE Bible talk sessions every Wednesday, as well as many other events! Our facility is open to any type of rider: bikes, scooters, skateboard, inline, ect...

Helmets are required for any age rider, pads are optional but recommend. Plenty of benches and seats for spectators and riders to take it easy. 

Newport Skatepark

We have a handfull of rental scooters to try out the park or try out a scooter at our facility. Donated by the ECX Scooter Shop, these scooters are inexpensive to use and can grant a fun time to anyone who doesnt yet have a scooter.

(302) 300-0068